Our FAQ Article

Check all our frequently asked questions and get smart.

How do i buy for a friend?

For security reasons and for the protection of all our customers we do not support buying directly for friends from your account because we need to make sure they understand and follow the rules, ...

How do reward points work?

You can watch the video below to find out how the reqard points work:

How does the referal system work?

you can watch the video tutorial below:

I have trouble setting up a product i bought. What can i do?

All products come with easy to follow instructions. If you havent done so please go to your ImvuErotica account in the download section and download the instruction file.Click here to access the page ...

What if i have a payment issue?

If you have a payment issue please submit a support ticket.

Do you sell for credits?

No we do not accept credits as a payment method for various reasons.

Why did my order get canceled?

There is only one reason why your order can get canceled and the payment refunded and that is you didnt carefuly read and follow the rules page. If that is the case and you still wanna purchase a ...

What happens if imvu takes my product?

If a product is taken from you within 6 months of your purchase contact us and let us know. Also if your warranty passed and you want a product back you can contact us but in this chase you will be ...

Do the black market products for you work on mobile?

No they do not work on mobile and they also dont work on the new mac client imvu came out wit (at least not yet as it is still in beta. We only guarantee 100% working conditions on imvu desktop ...

What about refunds?

As the products once delivered can not be taken back from your account we dont accept any refunds. If you have any issues with any of our products please contact us. There is a fix for every problem. ...